Dancers Shape Technical and Creative

Technical + Creative

The foundation for Dancers Shape is set in the science of the body and the time tested techniques of Pilates, dance, and barre exercise. Choreographed with customized music, the workouts are fun, creative, and challenging - an approach unique to Austin. Our instructors are able to modify the techniques to assist clients of either gender and at all age and physical levels to achieve maximum results in a time efficient manner. It is the conditioning you need in a creative atmosphere, with the added benefits of injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Dancers Shape Quality Instruction

Quality Instruction

Instruction of the highest quality is the standard at Dancers Shape and it begins with Jennifer McCamish, owner of the studio. Her background is perfectly suited to this role and includes:

  • • Athletic Training in Injury Prevention for Dancers - Radio City Entertainment
  • • STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor including Injuries and Special Populations and Golf Conditioning
  • • Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer
  • • Certified in Schwinn Spinning
  • • Certified in CPR-First Aid
  • • Continually collaborates with physicians and physical therapists to broaden her knowledge on how to safely and creatively program for clients.

All instructors are hand selected by the owner and are required to participate and complete the Dancers Shape two month comprehensive training program. This program has a special emphasis placed on anatomy, proper form, and biomechanic assessments of the body. After the program is completed, each instructor has a thorough knowledge of what deviated postures and movement patterns look like and how to apply necessary modifications for building blocks. In addition to the Dancers Shape in-house training, each instructor has additional degrees and certifications in dance and/or fitness. Dancers Shape is committed to providing quality instruction with a creative feel for students at all levels.

Dancers Shape a Variety of Classes

Variety of Classes

Dancers Shape offers a variety of classes and private sessions designed around a unique and personalized approach to physical fitness. Our goal is to create optimal joint and heart health with a variety of options so that your body does not plateau. We stay on the cutting edge of research to produce new and effective movement and classes that encompass the Dancers Shape technique - form, safety, and proper biomechanics. Classes are specifically leveled to accommodate a wide range of ages, injuries, and fitness levels. In addition to our more standard classes, we have programs for:

  • • Professional athletes
  • • Seniors
  • • Pre and post operative clients
  • • Pre and post natal clients
  • • Individuals needing an effective program for busy travel schedules
  • Explore all of our group classes and private sessions ranging from rehabilitative to advanced barre, cardio infused interval training, rhythm spin, Pilates (mat and equipment), yoga, and cardio dance. We’re happy to help you explore what class or private session might be best for you. Contact us here!

Dancers Shape Welcoming Atmosphere

Welcoming Atmosphere

  • Jennifer McCamish opened Dancers Shape in 2010 and committed to providing a superior product at the highest level of customer service. The chic yet warm local vibe is felt as soon as you walk through the doors. Dancers Shape is a place where clients can learn how to take care of their bodies and be part of a community that inspires healthy living while having fun in a sophisticated and friendly environment.
  • “Dancers Shape is my second home. I love working out at a place where everybody knows my name.
  • Meghan, DS Client