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Laura Merkel


Born and raised in Rhode Island, Laura has been dancing as long as she remembers. As her love of movement grew, she recognized the importance of understanding the body in many different ways. She elected to take anatomy, biology, and kinesiology courses throughout high school and college to better understand the human body and how it could be most effective and efficient. Shortly after graduating from Hofstra University, with a BA in dance performance, Laura moved to NYC where she immediately began training in yoga, Pilates, and ANYA Bodywork. She quickly found her dance knowledge influencing her classes and her wellness background keeping her body in shape for dancing.

Prompted by a need for a change of pace, Laura moved to Austin in 2016. She is thrilled to have found a home at Dancers Shape where she has been able to expand her repertoire of fitness classes, work with strong, knowledgeable professionals in the field, and help clients achieve their wellness goals.