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5 Styles of Dancers Shape Spin at Hill Country Indoor!

Dancers Shape is known for its quality and wide variety of classes in Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Spin and Cardio Dance. But did you know that Dancers Shape is the only boutique fitness studio to offer 5 different styles of spin classes? That’s right, we said 5 different styles of spin class! Check out all the styles offered at our Hill Country Indoor location and decide which is your favorite!

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Spin - Rhythmic - Set in a state of the art spin room, this heart pumping rhythm based cycling class will blast calories in just 45 minutes. The combination of theatrical lighting, special effects, and exhilarating music offers an experience like none other in the area. Come tap it back and push it up as we spin our way to a stronger more confident you.

Basic Spin - Our basic level spin class will introduce tempo, choreography, and correct form while riding a stationary bike. This class is an excellent way to get your heart rate up while being gentle on your joints - all at a slower pace than our open level rhythmic spin.

The Split - Designed to counter balance and target all the muscle groups neglected in Spin. The first half of class will use Dancers Shape’s specialized barre and pilates techniques to strengthen your balancing muscles and mobilize your spine in multiple directions. Once you have toned and re-balanced your body, we will end with a cardio blasting spin section. This format is the most effective design to achieve weight loss goals quickly while not injuring yourself.

Spin - Traditional - Come join us for a non-rhythmic, scenic cardio spin class. Our motivational instructors will guide you through climbs, sprints, and intervals challenging you to reach your peak performance.

Video Rides - If music jams are your motivation, then this class is for you. Spin along with your favorite artist’s videos in our theater style spin room.