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Celebrating another member of the #DSfamily! Congratulations to the very beautiful and talented Mariclaire on her wedding day! Such a great night with these ladies! Xoxo- Jennifer

Tune in to @studio512tv today at 12:30 to see @jenmccamish teach @mrjoebarlow some bikini moves! And don't forget that our new Bikini Sculpt class starts tonight at 5:30! 👙

We have a new class to whip you in to shape just in time for spring break! Bikini Sculpt is on Wednesdays at 5:30PM from February 8 until March 8. 👙☀️

#Repost @brandonblurts ・・・ (7/7) the last piece of this series. Hope you all have enjoyed it! Thank you all for your kind words. 📸 #health #fitspo #fitness #health #gymtime #dance #workout #fitspiration #gym #training #photoshoot #photography #justgoshoot #trainhard #fitnessphotography #featuredphotographs #nikon #photographer #peoplescreatives #justgoshoot #dancestudio #brandonwellsphotography

Working out is always more fun with a buddy and we want to meet all your friends! This month bring a friend who is new to the studio and they can take class for free! Email us at to get your friends signed up! Tag someone who should come in the comments!

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Need some help hanging in there day after day during SXSW? Have you been indulging a bit too much with cocktails and treats? Well here are some helpful hints to maintain your stamina and feel your best during this week of fun.

Whether you're coming back from Spring Break or recovering from SXSW most of us can use these tips this week:



Jennifer Sherburn and Natalie George Presents... 11:11:05 3/8 - 3/11 @ 8PM Wed - $FREE Thurs - Sat - $15 - $50 SUGGESTED - $20 $Free(wed only) - $20 is General Admission $35 - VIP - Best available Seat $50 - VIP + 7PM Pre-Show Exclusive Brewery Tour 11:11 is heading out to Live Oak Brewery!!!! Yay Beer! Parking available & Luxuriously accessible for ADA folks! Let's take a tour! If you purchase a $50 TICKET, you will get reservations for the best seat available and an exclusive pre-show Brewery Tour by the most Charming Beer Man in Texas. Live Oak's very own Brand Ambassador and certified Cicerone! Austin's Oldest Brewery in a Beautiful New Facility - TOURS NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so be some of the first to go behind the scenes and experience some of the World's Best Beer and highest quality beer making! If you don't need the tour but want the best seats available - $35 TICKET will buy you a reserved seat. Otherwise it General Admission. There is no bad seat in the beirgarten, but there is somthing a little suprising, and special about those reserved seats!!! The Fifth in a series of Eleven Dances in Eleven Months November 2016 - September 2017 Choreographers: Errin Delperdang and Jennifer Sherburn. Also featuring an excerpt from Together & Apart by Silva Laukkanen and Tanya Winters. ​ Dance 1 - Together and Apart by Silva Laukkanen & Tanya Winters A duet between two women who explore the changes that environment has on dance. This duet started in August 2016 in Austin where it was performed in several different locations each adding new flavors and growth to it's development. It has been and continues to be a dance that is ever changing just like the environments where it is performed. Since its conception, Together & Apart has added several environments to its repertoire including The Bosque and the Balloon Museum in Albequerque, A Childrens Museum and a Commuter Train and now beirgarten! ​ Dance 2 - On Mass by Errin Delperdang Performed in the Windows of the Brewhouse... How do you weigh options? Measure success? Calculate choices? On Mass is a study, a collage, a schematic. A diagram of each individual, incidental, mundane and catastrophic event that can happen in a month, picked apart and pieced together in a misguided attempt to try and make it all "make sense". ​ Dance 3 - Hopfen und Waltz by Jennifer Sherburn Original Live Music by Catherine Davis A Dance for 11 performers in Beirgarten 2. Nestled in a gorgeous grove of Live Oak trees called Beirgarten 2, Jennifer and company have created their latest piece of dance whimsy--Hopfen und Waltz. Captivated by the sprawling surroundings, the rumble of approaching planes, and the passionate masters of the German Brewing process, this performance focuses in on beauty of the Live Oak Brewery grounds and the what-ifs of the world happening around it. Sway with the swings in the trees, experience decibels of great heights, ponder stories and fears of flights, and enjoy the quality chemistry inside.

If you're looking for something fun to do tonight check out our instructor Lisa in this show at Live Oak Brewing Company.

Today we're sharing this story from one of our inspirational Academy Awards challenge winners, Ophella. #joblove Doesn't this make you want to try a different class than usual this week? "My challenge was to diversify my barre regimen. My approach had outcomes beyond what I expected. 1. I rediscovered classes that I used to take and remembered why I used to love taking them. For example, I really enjoyed the revamped Cardio Express (no more shoes!) and Power classes, both of which I simultaneously looked forward to but also dreaded because I knew I’d be pushed to go beyond my comfort zone (but in a good way). 2. It reconfirmed the importance of taking “slower” classes and now want to inject them in my usual regimen as a sort of refresher. Restorative and Graceful classes helped me to fully appreciate each movement more slowly and to refine my technique. Yoga reminded me of how vital it is to keep the mind–body connection. 3. I had increased not only my physical stamina but also my mental fortitude (the latter was an unexpected bonus!). I was truly amazed how much confidence I gained when taking classes I was “afraid of” or didn’t think I could handle. I toughened up both physically and mentally, doing “crazy” things like taking Power and immediately following it with Groove – and I had fun doing it! The physical and mental endurance I gained during this challenge was incredible! 4. It confirmed why I love going to this local studio and remaining very loyal to it. The community built around this challenge was motivating and supportive. The DS instructors have always been very encouraging and constructive, and the environment they create is always positive. In addition, there was such great camaraderie among the clients who were doing the challenge – and with those who weren’t. I found myself encouraging others to take classes that they were hesitant to take (like how I used to be!) and letting them know classes were both challenging and rejuvenating. We all were helping one another to keep going and to try something new or challenging for ourselves. This is the most fun I’ve had doing a Dancers Shape Challenge. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to improve in many ways."- Ophella

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Think yoga isn't for you? Think again.

Studies show that yoga can help: Reduce back pain Strengthen bones Improve balance Stave off mental decline Reduce stress Relieve depression Come to Yoga with Emily today at 4:15pm and as a bonus stay for Donation Mediation!