How is Dancers Shape different from other exercise methods?

The Dancers Shape technique is unique to the fitness industry and not like other barre approaches. The technique was created by a professional dancer and Pilates practitioner of over 20 years, resulting in a more functional cross-training and rehabilitative approach to the original fitness method. This contemporary technique takes medically supported Pilates concepts and implements them into an upright position for weight bearing benefits. It also mixes full range movement (focusing on the eccentric muscle action) with small isometric joint stabilizing postures. This combination creates a more multi-functional approach to fitness with an emphasis on injury prevention and rehabilitation of old injuries.

The Dancers Shape technique does not use an over-tucked pelvic position or under the barre exercises (frequently found in other barre techniques) as these these positions cause unnecessary tension in the hips and strain on the lower back. In exchange, we have implemented an "upright imprinted" position that is safe and supportive for the spine, releasing tension in the hips and allowing the core to engage the deepest muscles for support and ease of movement.

The classes utilize and manipulate the students own body weight which is the safest type of weight for training. By implementing tweaked ballet positions into the Pilates approach, we are able to sculpt muscles from angles typically ignored by traditional workouts, creating exceptional joint stability and tapered muscle tone. The design of the Dancers Shape technique focuses on building a balanced body of length and strength for efficient pain-free movement.